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It was recently pointed out to me that I have not accredited the compilers of the information that is featured on this site properly.I would like to apologise for this. It was and is not intentional. I hereby stand chastised and herefore correct this oversite.

I have already removed some information ( and a link to the site) Due to an objection. All I ask is to voice the tone of the objecting email as you would wish to recieve yourself.

All of the Postcards and Information ie Biographies Autobiographies are out of copywright, and have been for decades, but the enthusiasts and collectors who collate and publish this information onlinedo so in their own time and often considerable expense. (Including me!) Searching the public record and old Magazines can be very exausting and sometimes frustrating.

Therefore I would like to thank the the following people...

The Contemporary Publications  
John Culme at FOOTLIGHT NOTES The Era  
Steve Bartlett; Contributer to Picture Postcard Monthly
The Stage  
Simon White His personal photographs on Flicker
The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News,
  The Play Pictorial,