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Date Added Page Letter Name of Principal Series No & Comments
10th August 2018 Eg3 Evie Greene Rotary 4958 Q. Nice Close up
  Eg4 Evie Greene Rapid 4222 In bed.
7th May 2018 E1 Lily Elsie Rotary 11841 E
      Rotary 11787 B
      Rotary 127 S
      Rotary 11799 A
      Rotary 11799 B
  Grey 1 Gabrielle Ray Rotary 4014 X
  Grey 2   Rotary 470 J
      Rotary 470 N
      Rotary 470 P
      Tucks Celeb of the Stage G811
      J Beagles 814 A
      Rotary 4170 A
      Philco 3196 A
      Rotary 391 O
  S3 Mabel Sealby Rotary 2005 A
23rd April 2018 Eg3 Evie Greene Philco Series 3428 D
  L Madge Lessing Rapid 2363
  M1 Delia Mason Rapid 2257
2nd February 2018 L2 Lily Elsie Rotary 11840 D
      Rotary 11840 E
      Rotary 11840 F
      Rotary 11841 C
      Rotary 4827 B
      Rotary 4827
    Madge Crighton Rotophot ?
  Misc Five Actresses Tuck's Play Pictorial Series 8a
    Gibson Drawings James Henderson & Sons
29th January 2018 A2 Adrienne Augarde Rotary 4097 C
  Gr1 Gaynor Rowlands CW Falkner & Co S18
26th 12th 2017 H Lily Hanbury W & D Downey Undivided Back.
    Lily Hanbury L S Langfier 532 D
    Zena Dare Davidson 1253
11th 12th 2017 C2 Kate Cutler Rotary 162 N in "All of a sudden Peggy"
  L2 Ruth Lytton Rotary 4348 F (Tight riding outfit!)
  M3 Edma May Rotary 210 B Nice close up
  S2 Marie Studholme Rotary 350 F
  Misc 2 Mrs Patrick Campbell & Sarah Bernhardt Rotary 359 F
20th October 2017 Gr 5 Gaynor Rowlands Rotary 1887 W
  Gray 2 Gabrielle Ray W&D Downey 4038 E
  S2 Marie Studholme Rotary 1869 A
13th September 2017 Gr4 Gaynor Rowlands Rapid 3595
6th September 2017 R Jessie Rose Tuck's Cots
  W Florrie Warde Rotary 3508
26th August 2017 L2 Millie Legarde Rotary 1511 N
      Faulkner & Co S 223
12 August 2017 Gray01 Gabrielle Ray Rotary 4405
8th August 2017 L2 Millie Legarde Rotary 1925 D
Rapid Photo Co 13??
R Tucks Photochrome S 4712
Rotary 1511 I
1st August 2017 A2 Adrienne Augarde Rotary 1697 D
B3 Dora Barton Rapid 3375
C1 Eva Carrington Rotary 1923 A
Eg2 Evie Greene Rotary 4342 P
H Hilda Hammerton Davidson Bros Series 2039
L2 Millie Legarde Aristophot E.577
16th June 2017 Gr2 Gaynor Rowlands Unknown
Gr3 Gaynor Rowlands Rotary 1615 K
C2 Morris Clark Philco Series 2012 C
Mg1 Mabel Green Regent Pub Co 1043
L1 Florence Lloyd Ellis & Walery 375
T Ellaline Terriss Rotary 11509 F The Dashing Little Duke
5th July 2017 Gr2 Gaynor Rowlands Rapid 3516
D2 Zena Dare State Series Liverpool 1503. Millom Postmark
16th May 2017 Eg3 Evie Greene Rotary 4958 Z Havana
13th May 2013 Eg3 Evie Greene Rotary 4958 K Havana
7th May 2017 Mg1 Mabel Green Misch & Co 4039/5
Mg2 Mabel Green Davidson Bros un-numbered.
E Lily Elsie Rotary 11787 A
Lily Elsie Rotary 4827 N
Lily Elsie Beagles 139 U
Lily Elsie Beagles 139 V
Lily Elsie Beagles 139 W
Gray2 Gabrielle Ray Beagles 665 F
Gabrielle Ray Beagles 665 G
Gabrielle Ray Beagles 493 M
Gabrielle Ray Beagles 493 U
Gabrielle Ray Beagles 493 Y
Gabrielle Ray Beagles 493 Z
11th April 2017 D1 Maudi Darrell Philco 3132 A
G Kitty Gordon A & G Taylors Reality Series 36
Ns 2 Nina Sevening Rapid Series 3500
Miscealany 2 Bertram Wallace & Huntly Wright Rotary 7481 D
12th March 2017 Actors 1 Henry Ainley Rotary 1113 V
Misc 2 E Payne & G Grossmith Rotary 3293 B
Eva Kelly & Gracie Lane Rotary 3289 A
Eva Kelly & G P Huntley Rotary 3289 C ( Married Couple)
8th March 2017 A2 Adrienne Augarde Rotary 4158 K
Eg2 Evie Greene Rotary 1889 T
14th February 2017 Cc1 Constance Collier Rotary 4854 B
Rotary 374 A *
Regent glossy series 1088
Rotary 1506 B
Rotary 5854 F
6th February 2017 B2 Billie Burke Philco Series 3122 E
C1 Hilda Coral Rotary 1747 D
Cc1 Constance Collier Rotary 1506 Z
D1 Gaby Deslys The Hart (Unumbered)
D2 Phyllis Dare Rotary 4821 C
    Rotary 4821 D
Rotary 4821 F
  Rotary 11732 D
Zena Dare Davidson 2311
Davidson 2314
    Philco 3233 A
D3 Fanny Dango Rotary 1801 E
E Lily Elsie Rotary 11775 E
Rotary 11785 E
Rotary 4825 B
Mg1 Mabel Green Rotary 4132 D
G Marie George Milton Glossette no 66 a
Kitty Gordon R Tuck's & Sons T1187
Eg1 Evie Greene Dunn & Co A 324
Rotary 199 u/d
Eg2 Rotary 4342 Q
Eg3 Charles Voisey London u/d
H Gwennie Hasto Rotary 1931 F
J Daisy Jerome Philco 3156 C
D1 Delia Mason Davidson 1167
  M3 Julia McKay Rotary 1687 A
N Olga Nethersole Rotary Stereoview Series.
  R1 Gabrielle Ray Rotary 4423 E
  S2 Marie Studholme Rotary 4048 P
  Rotary Book Post (paf)
  S3 Ella Shelds Grand Series. Music Hall Star!
T Viola Tree Beagles & Co
Misc 2 Evie Greene & Dennis O Sullivan R Tuck's Duchess of Dantzic PPseries 20
Edmund Payne & Violet Halls Rotary 3293 F The Girls of Gottenberg
Actors Maurice Farkoa Philco 3008
Martin Harvey 726 M. Richard III
George Robey Picture goer series 81