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Date Added Page Letter Name of Principal Series No & Comments
14th January 2019 Actors 1 Ryder Boys Queens Theatre Manchester Revival 1127
    Mr Benson Rotary 1127 C
    Albert Chevalier Rotary 4200 A "The Sins of Society"
    Maurice Farkoa Davidson 1605
    Martin Harvey Rotary 4215 E
      Beagles "Stereoscopic" 45 E
  Actors 2 Forbes Robertson Rotary : Early undivided back
    Lionel Victor Manchester Theatre 2037
13th January 2019 F Louie Freear Rotary 216 E. from "The Marchioness"
  Rpp3 Actors Matheson Lang Rotary 2391 S in "The Proud Prince"
13th Dec 2018 Eg2 Evie Green Misch & Co 4024/L ( Stunner!)
      Beagles Bookmark 5015
  K Hetty King Rotary 4386F Aladdin lightly coloured.
7th December 2018 CC1 Constance Collier JJ Samuels (with Hilda Moore)
31st October 2018 D1 Gaby Deslys Rotary Photograph untitled
10th August 2018 Eg3 Evie Greene Rotary 4958 Q. Nice Close up
  Eg4 Evie Greene Rapid 4222 In bed.
7th May 2018 E1 Lily Elsie Rotary 11841 E
      Rotary 11787 B
      Rotary 127 S
      Rotary 11799 A
      Rotary 11799 B
  Grey 1 Gabrielle Ray Rotary 4014 X
  Grey 2   Rotary 470 J
      Rotary 470 N
      Rotary 470 P
      Tucks Celeb of the Stage G811
      J Beagles 814 A
      Rotary 4170 A
      Philco 3196 A
      Rotary 391 O
  S3 Mabel Sealby Rotary 2005 A
23rd April 2018 Eg3 Evie Greene Philco Series 3428 D
  L Madge Lessing Rapid 2363
  M1 Delia Mason Rapid 2257
2nd February 2018 L2 Lily Elsie Rotary 11840 D
      Rotary 11840 E
      Rotary 11840 F
      Rotary 11841 C
      Rotary 4827 B
      Rotary 4827
    Madge Crighton Rotophot ?
  Misc Five Actresses Tuck's Play Pictorial Series 8a
    Gibson Drawings James Henderson & Sons
29th January 2018 A2 Adrienne Augarde Rotary 4097 C
  Gr1 Gaynor Rowlands CW Falkner & Co S18
26th 12th 2017 H Lily Hanbury W & D Downey Undivided Back.
    Lily Hanbury L S Langfier 532 D
    Zena Dare Davidson 1253
11th 12th 2017 C2 Kate Cutler Rotary 162 N in "All of a sudden Peggy"
  L2 Ruth Lytton Rotary 4348 F (Tight riding outfit!)
  M3 Edma May Rotary 210 B Nice close up
  S2 Marie Studholme Rotary 350 F
  Misc 2 Mrs Patrick Campbell & Sarah Bernhardt Rotary 359 F
20th October 2017 Gr 5 Gaynor Rowlands Rotary 1887 W
  Gray 2 Gabrielle Ray W&D Downey 4038 E
  S2 Marie Studholme Rotary 1869 A
13th September 2017 Gr4 Gaynor Rowlands Rapid 3595
6th September 2017 R Jessie Rose Tuck's Cots
  W Florrie Warde Rotary 3508
26th August 2017 L2 Millie Legarde Rotary 1511 N
      Faulkner & Co S 223
12 August 2017 Gray01 Gabrielle Ray Rotary 4405
8th August 2017 L2 Millie Legarde Rotary 1925 D
Rapid Photo Co 13??
R Tucks Photochrome S 4712
Rotary 1511 I
1st August 2017 A2 Adrienne Augarde Rotary 1697 D
B3 Dora Barton Rapid 3375
C1 Eva Carrington Rotary 1923 A
Eg2 Evie Greene Rotary 4342 P
H Hilda Hammerton Davidson Bros Series 2039
L2 Millie Legarde Aristophot E.577
16th June 2017 Gr2 Gaynor Rowlands Unknown
Gr3 Gaynor Rowlands Rotary 1615 K
C2 Morris Clark Philco Series 2012 C
Mg1 Mabel Green Regent Pub Co 1043
L1 Florence Lloyd Ellis & Walery 375
T Ellaline Terriss Rotary 11509 F The Dashing Little Duke
5th July 2017 Gr2 Gaynor Rowlands Rapid 3516
D2 Zena Dare State Series Liverpool 1503. Millom Postmark
16th May 2017 Eg3 Evie Greene Rotary 4958 Z Havana
13th May 2013 Eg3 Evie Greene Rotary 4958 K Havana
7th May 2017 Mg1 Mabel Green Misch & Co 4039/5
Mg2 Mabel Green Davidson Bros un-numbered.
E Lily Elsie Rotary 11787 A
Lily Elsie Rotary 4827 N
Lily Elsie Beagles 139 U
Lily Elsie Beagles 139 V
Lily Elsie Beagles 139 W
Gray2 Gabrielle Ray Beagles 665 F
Gabrielle Ray Beagles 665 G
Gabrielle Ray Beagles 493 M
Gabrielle Ray Beagles 493 U
Gabrielle Ray Beagles 493 Y
Gabrielle Ray Beagles 493 Z
11th April 2017 D1 Maudi Darrell Philco 3132 A
G Kitty Gordon A & G Taylors Reality Series 36
Ns 2 Nina Sevening Rapid Series 3500
Miscealany 2 Bertram Wallace & Huntly Wright Rotary 7481 D
12th March 2017 Actors 1 Henry Ainley Rotary 1113 V
Misc 2 E Payne & G Grossmith Rotary 3293 B
Eva Kelly & Gracie Lane Rotary 3289 A
Eva Kelly & G P Huntley Rotary 3289 C ( Married Couple)
8th March 2017 A2 Adrienne Augarde Rotary 4158 K
Eg2 Evie Greene Rotary 1889 T
14th February 2017 Cc1 Constance Collier Rotary 4854 B
Rotary 374 A *
Regent glossy series 1088
Rotary 1506 B
Rotary 5854 F
6th February 2017 B2 Billie Burke Philco Series 3122 E
C1 Hilda Coral Rotary 1747 D
Cc1 Constance Collier Rotary 1506 Z
D1 Gaby Deslys The Hart (Unumbered)
D2 Phyllis Dare Rotary 4821 C
    Rotary 4821 D
Rotary 4821 F
  Rotary 11732 D
Zena Dare Davidson 2311
Davidson 2314
    Philco 3233 A
D3 Fanny Dango Rotary 1801 E
E Lily Elsie Rotary 11775 E
Rotary 11785 E
Rotary 4825 B
Mg1 Mabel Green Rotary 4132 D
G Marie George Milton Glossette no 66 a
Kitty Gordon R Tuck's & Sons T1187
Eg1 Evie Greene Dunn & Co A 324
Rotary 199 u/d
Eg2 Rotary 4342 Q
Eg3 Charles Voisey London u/d
H Gwennie Hasto Rotary 1931 F
J Daisy Jerome Philco 3156 C
D1 Delia Mason Davidson 1167
  M3 Julia McKay Rotary 1687 A
N Olga Nethersole Rotary Stereoview Series.
  R1 Gabrielle Ray Rotary 4423 E
  S2 Marie Studholme Rotary 4048 P
  Rotary Book Post (paf)
  S3 Ella Shelds Grand Series. Music Hall Star!
T Viola Tree Beagles & Co
Misc 2 Evie Greene & Dennis O Sullivan R Tuck's Duchess of Dantzic PPseries 20
Edmund Payne & Violet Halls Rotary 3293 F The Girls of Gottenberg
Actors Maurice Farkoa Philco 3008
Martin Harvey 726 M. Richard III
George Robey Picture goer series 81