Messages From The Past.
Well here we are as some folks suggested, some of the messages from the postcards on my site. I will type them as they are written with any neccesary explanation in Italics. as will be any comments from myself . Every one is Genuine...
Card Actress
Date by Postmark
Olga Nethersole
12 15pm--6 Nov 1902

To Miss E.

You can send me Chas Wyndham or Queen Alexandra. I saw "Sappho" on Tuesday night. Love from Shiela L" (?)

Olga Nethersole starred in the play.

Gaynor Rowlands

5:15 pm 15 Dec 08

To Miss E Lake

Dear E. Just a pc to tell you I want to see you tonight, Tuesday at about 8-0 pm. I have had a pcl ( Parcel ) from home and I have got some thing for you in it. I will come up up at the back door at 8-0. Don't forget to be there will you tonight at 8-0 pm Tuesday xxx From Charlie.

I don't know anyone else but I'm dying to know what he had in his parcel! or indeed if Miss Lake was ever heard of again!

Miss Maie Ashe 25 April 06

To Miss N Eggleston

Dear Nellie, I would really like to know Who invented spring cleaning. Simply awfull, a poor man has nowhere to rest his head Ah poor mortal man. However, shall expect to meet you weather permitting at 2 20 w b l Goodbye xxxxx ak ( Init)

The hand writing on this card is immaculate ! though I think w.b.l stands for with best love.

Miss Maie Ashe
7:30 am-Nov 07 -05

To Miss F Glover

Dear Frank (?) If ever you send me any more Bruce Castle series I will come down to London on (Unreadable) to chastise you. Love Syd.

Go on Frank...You know you want to!

Miss Morris Clark Saucy pose Jan 09--06

To Miss M Cotton

Hope you are going to the dance on friday. Have some thing to show you and if you are good perhaps give you. shn

Since this IS 1906 Iwill take this one at face value...looks like Miss Cotton is getting engaged!?     

Maude Fealy
9:30 am Feb 09--06

To Mr J Smith esq

Next time you work in the garden untill nearly midnight.. just dont do it again. I though I would remind you that we hadn't wandered off the peir end on Wed night. You will never guess where we got to when we came off and what happened to me oh! Kind regards Julia.

Make your own plot to this one!

Agnes Fraser
un-posted possibly sent in envelope.

To Miss A Veddell

Went to see "The Tempest" Sat: October 8th 04 Mama Kit and I.

This will be the famous landmark Beerbohm Tree Production at His Majesty's Theatre.

Elizabeth Firth
2-15 pm July 18--0?

To Miss D Collins

Dear Daisy Thank you for the pc. I liked it very much. Went to see the S Pimpernel Mon . I am going again Sat.I think J O'-----s lovely. I have the two pc's I would like you to send me so if you will meet me at Kennington Church 8 O'clock or just before. I will give them to you (Friday Morning) Hope you got home quite safe Sat Am just going to try to see J On now. Love Regna.

After a quick google and a re- examination of the post card, I think I can say that its "J N" and Julia Neilson and Fred Terry's performance at the New Theatre london in 1905 That Regna is refering to.

Miss Grace Freeman Bas Relief Card

6th June -1904 Hand written date

To Miss E Cowley Sunderland

Another one for your collection* I heard tell about you meeting a young man on sunday. Better if I had been there, I would have been off before he came. When we are married what shall we do? ( Lovely weather) B.E.C

* Possibly the most common five words ever written on a postcard! and as for Miss Cowley...I think before they get married B.E.C wants to go up to Sunderland and sort his Fiance out!

Gaynor Rowlands

28 July 1906


To Miss ST Gaston

Dear ST I hope you will enjoy yourself in Southend Tomorrow. But oh! my young friend,do be carefull!!!

I see Southend hasnt changed then!