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Maudi Darrell.

Major Bullough made his fortune at the family business of Howard and Bullough. He married Maude Darrell in 1909, she died in October 1910. Maudi Darrell was daughter of Hugh Jay Didcott.



Fanny Fields 1884-1961
American vaudeville comedienne

. Miss Fanny Fields, who is one big bubble of mirth and merriment, tells, amongst a lot of other funny stories, how she stood in the front ranks of the crowd on Coronation day [9 August 1902], when a big burly man came and stood "right in front of my face. When I had recovered my breath, I touched him on the shoulder and said, 'My friend, are you opaque?' 'No, mum,' says he, 'but I'm O'Brien'".'
(The Playgoer, London, September 1902, p.337)

NANSI RICHARDS (JONES) was born on the 14th.May 1888 and died on the 21st. December 1979. Her interest in the harp began at the age of 10 when she surreptitiously crept into a bedroom where she was staying and played in her nightdress. She owned her first harp at 12. Her first teacher was Tom Lloyd, who won first prize at the Chicago World's Fair, both for making and playing. Nansi attended the Guildhall School of Music in London for only one year, leaving to join the comedienne, "Happy" Fanny Fields on the Music Halls.Fanny Fields was famous for her Laughing Songs and for the Frog Dance,

The very fetching Happy Fanny Fields escaped from America, where she was one of a zillion "Dutch" (that is, German-accented) comedians, to London, where she cornered the market.


Mabel Green Born: 1st November 1890 - London.

( from Who's Who of Theatre 1920's ed)

Mabel Green; Actress and vocalist born London. 1 Nov., 1890
Made her first appearance on the stage at The Vaudeville Theatre,
21 Dec 1903 in The Cherry Girl. First came into prominence when she
Appeared at Daly's Theatre on 29 Apr 1905, as Marie.-Blanche one of the
little Michus in The Little Michus the Prince of Wales's

Feb 1910. Played Sofia in ‘The Balkan Princess' subsequently appeared in variety theatres, as a vocalist, and toured in South. Africa, where she married in 1912. and retired from the stage made her reappearance. at the Gaiety, 1918, as Mrs. Douglass in ‘ Going Up' at Wyndhams. June 1919. played Annabelle llovd in "His Little Widows" at the Palace. Dec., 1919, appeared in "The Whirlygig" ; at Covent Garden Theatre Dec.. 1920, played Dandini in Cinderella during 1921. Toured for ten months with Stanley Iogan in variety theatres.

Mabel Green (?1887-?1970), English actress and singer

(photo: Rita Martin, London, circa 1918)

''Mr. Stanley Logan and Miss Mabel Green are seen in an amusing playlet, entitled Mr. and Mrs. M.P. written by Mr. Logan, which satirises women members of Parliament. There is a delightful finale in which the couple are dressed in eighteenth century costume, and Miss Green sings with much charm "Red Roses." Assisting the two principals are Miss Rene Seymour and Mr. Francis Serle, who excellently enact a typist and an elderly butler.'
(The Era, London, Thursday, 18 January 1923, p.15a)

Evie Greene (1878-1917)
greene-e000.jpg - 20kb
Evie Greene

Full biography not available.

Some known facts:

* Real Name Edith Elizabeth Greene.
* Born 1878 - Portsmouth, England.
* Died 11th September 1917.
* 1899 - Star of smash hit musical comedy 'Floradora' which opened at The Lyric on 11th November, 1899.
* Married - 1] Richard Temple, 1896 (Divorced - abandonment), 2] Ernest Kennaway Arbuthnot, DSO. Captain, RN., 1910
* Aunt of movie actor Richard Greene.

From Wikipedia

Greene was born at 82 Fratton Road, in Portsmouth, England in 1874 or 75 (the 1881 census shows her aged 6)[2] daughter of Richard Bentley Greene, a retired naval officer and his wife Edith. The 1891 census shows her as a sixteen-year-old "teacher of music".
Image of the Actress in the National Portrait Gallery
Image of the Actress in the National Portrait Gallery

Early in her career, Greene starred in pantomime in the provinces. She went on to star in hit musicals, most notably Florodora at the Lyric Theatre in London beginning in 1899,[4] as well as the title role in Kitty Grey in 1900 and 1901 (Apollo Theatre),[5] A Country Girl in 1903 (at Daly's Theatre)[6] Madame Sans Gene in The Duchess of Dantzig in 1903 (at the Lyric Theatre)[7] and Molly Montrose in The Little Cherub in 1906 (Prince of Wales's Theatre), with Lily Elsie, Gabrielle Ray and others.[8] She sang with the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company in a 1902 benefit performance of Trial by Jury[9] and in operettas such as The Duchess of Dantzic at the Lyric Theatre in London in 1904 and at Daly's Theatre in New York in 1905,[10] Les Merveilleuses in 1906 at Daly's Theatre in London, and L'Amour Mouillé at the Lyric Theatre.[11] She also starred in the successful Havana in 1908 at the Gaiety Theatre, London.[12]

Greene appeared in 1915 in a revival of Florodora, earning good notices[13] and performed through 1916, at least as late as 22 November of that year at the London Palladium.[14]

She was married twice[2]: first in 1896 to Richard Temple, Jr., the son of the D'Oyly Carte principal bass, Richard Temple[15](divorced - abandonment), and then in 1910 to Captain Ernest Kennaway Arbuthnot, DSO, RN. Her nephew was the actor Richard Greene, best known for playing Robin Hood in the 1950s British TV series The Adventures of Robin Hood.[2].

She died in 1917 at her parent's home, Parnholt, Southsea, Hampshire. Her husband became Chief Constable of Oxfordshire in 1921, remarried and had children.


Hetty King.

On the stage for over 70 years, the male impersonator Hetty King ammused her public with 'all the nice girls love a sailor', 'I do make a hit with the ladies', 'when a fellah is 21' and 'piccadilly'.She made her debut in 1897 at the London music hall at Shoreditch and topped the bill throughout Britain and America. Her vitality was truly enviable and she continued to perform even when approaching the age of 90.


Olive May. countess of Drogheda.

(died 1947), Actress; Wife of Victor Paget, later wife of Earl of Drogheda...


Ethel Oliver. (1892 - 22 Sep 1946)

* BIRTH: 1892 (?!)
* DEATH: 22 Sep 1946, Spokane, Washington
* BURIAL: UNKNOWN, Pines Cemetery, Spokane, Washington ????

The Above information was gleaned from a website owned by another PPC collector. Since Ethel is pictures on a print at the National Portrait Gallery site, in the chorus of "The Orchid" at the Gaity Theatre,in 1903! I somehow doubt that birth date. Unless of course she was 11 years old at the time.( Imagine, a lady lying about her age!) Ethel Oliver is a very common name in that area of the USA and without further details it is impossible to trace her actual birth and death details. She has portraits at the NPG site for 1903,1912,1913 and a listing for 1933. The Interational Movie database has an Ethel Oliver listed in two silent Movies in "The Return" (1921) and "A Soul's Awakening " ( 1922 ) There is no other info or pictures regarding these films on the site and it is unlikely that there are copies available for parusal. Since Ethel seems to have spent her working life in the UK, she either moved here to start her career and retired to the US afterwards, or was here all along. To be continued!


The Orchid at the Gaity Theatre 1903. Chorus


Denise Orme, real name Jessie Smithier.

Born 1884.
Died 1960.
One time Gaiety girl, sang and played violin.
Married [1] Baron Churston (secretly in Kensington, April 1907).
Married [2] Theodore Wessell.
Married [3] Duke of Leinster
Mother (with Lord Churston) of Joan Barbara Yarde-Buller (born April 22 1908). In Paris in 1936, Joan married Prince Aly Khan, son of the immensely rich Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah, Aga Khan III, Imam of 15 million Ismaili Muslims, twice President of the League of Nations and the owner of five Derby winners. Denise Orme's grandson became Aga Khan IV in 1957.


Gaynor Rowlands.

Born 3rd April 1883 - Wales....... 1902 Becomes a Gaiety girl. Died: 18th July, 1906. of complications following an operation for appendicitis.

(the promising young Welsh actress Gaynor Rowlands, who died tragically young from appendicitis in 1905)

(In that year The Author and erstwhile war poet Gilbert Frankau states in his memoirs that he share a ‘Platonic relationship with her before his marriage in Dec 1905.)

A short news paper clipping about her death can be found on the first Gaynor Rowlands page



as....Zelie rumbert in The Orchid at the Gaiety Theatre 1904

as....Sylvana inThe Spring Chicken London 30th May 1905


Nina Sevening (c 1885 - ?)

Born: London
First appearance in 1894.
Later appeared in:
"Three little maids" as Lady Rosemary Beaulieu.
She was married to Victor Charles Hamilton Longstaffe.
Sister of actress Dora Sevening. Married Victor Charles Hamilton Longstaffe


Florence Smithson (1884-1936)

* Born 13th March, 1884 - Leicester (UK).
* Died 11th February, 1936.
* Full Name Florence Annette Smithson
* Daughter of Will Smithson (Provincial Manager).
* Married 1) George Robinson, 2) Herbert Taylor (stage name Dan Rolyat).


Madge Titheradge.

Source-Christine Titheradge Aus.

George and Alma's daughter, Madge Titheradge was born 2nd July1887 in Melbourne Australia. She was educated in a private school in Hampstead. She was a famous actress. She made her first appearance on the London stage in the Water Babies, before her sixteenth birthday in 1902. She stayed mainly in England, although making tours to Australia and America. She played in the principal London Theatres as the leading lady. She developed a reputation as a dramatic, emotional actress. She left the stage between 1927 - 1932 but returned in 1932 until ill health forced her to retire in 1938. She was a friend of Noel Coward. Her first marriage to Charles Quartermaine, an actor, was dissolved in 1928 and she married an American business man Edgar Park, who died in 1938. She lived in Orchard Walls, The Street, Fetcham, Surrey and she died there 14.11.1961 aged 74.


George's youngest son, Dion was born 30th March 1889 in Melbourne Australia. He was an officer in RFA and served on the Eastern front, where he suffered from malaria, which impaired his health in later life. Dion also made his career in the theatre, making his initial debut in Newcastle in 1908. Although he was an actor, he was also a skilled producer, but he is best known as a writer for stage, especially plays, revues, sketches and film scenarios and songs. One of his most famous songs is "And Mother came too". His most successful play was the Crooked Billet in 1927. He was modest and unassuming with a pleasant personality. He married twice. He married his first wife Margaret Bolton in New South Wales and they had two children, Peter and Meg. Peter died in 1989 without issue. Peter is believed to have worked with the BBC and been associated with programmes such as Round the Horn. Dion's second marriage was to Madge Stuart on 6.02.1928. Dion died in London 16th November 1934.


Ruth Vincent (1877-1955)

* Born 22nd March 1877 - Yarmouth, England.
* Died 4th July 1955 - London, England.
* Daughter of Henry Vincent Bunn
* Married Lieutenant Colonel John Fraser of the Royal Horse Guards
* Sister of actress Madge Vincent
* First professional appearance with the D'Oyly Carte company at the Savoy, 7th March 1896, as Gretchen in 'The Grand Duke'.
* Left the D'Oyly Carte company in 1899 when she was disappointed at not being given the lead role in "The Rose of Persia".
* Recorded a number of songs for Columbia and HMV (between 1904 and 1920).